Helensburgh Pier

The HSDP would like to thank Stuart Allan of CSTV for creating the video and The Reverend Mitchell Bunting for his voiceover.

Helensburgh's beautiful, historic pier is in a disgraceful state of disrepair and if nothing is done then our iconic pier will soon be gone forever.

Following a fire over 20 years ago, a large section of the pier has been left to rot away while the remaining structure is in desperate need of conservation work to ensure it remains safe and accessible both to people and to boats such as the Waverley paddle steamer.
Argyll & Bute Council is under no obligation to maintain the pier so it's down to people-power to save our pier.


Stage one of the project - raising funds for a feasibility study - is now underway and we need YOUR help! Please make a donation, no matter how small, to the HSDP fund - you can do this easily via PayPal using the DONATE button at the foot of this page.