The Project

Project Aims


  • A Technical Feasibility Study & Business Plan

The study will be used to assess the technical issues, operational constraints and the initial business case for the Pier Refurbishment.

Information will be sought from Argyll & Bute Council, Queen's Harbour Master, Crown Estates, SEPA, Luss Estates, as well as from Marine Engineers, Civil Engineers and other relevant, qualified people.

In order to reduce project risks, obtain greater cost certainty and enable the project to proceed, the following work should be undertaken:

  • Geotechnical site investigations, to inform the design of dredging and construction works and enable further sediment contamination testing at depth, to determine the dredging disposal method.

  • Develop the designs further to take account of ground conditions.

  • Undertake Environmental Screening in order to determine if an Environmental Assessment is required.

  • Employ a legal review of the Helensburgh West Bay and Pier Act to determine the necessary steps to identify if the proposed construction works are within the jurisdiction of the Harbours Act or whether a Harbour Revision order is required.

  • A number of marine and planning consents and licenses are required to undertake the construction of the Pier refurbishment. These are issued by Marine Scotland and the Planning Authority, Argyll & Bute Council.

  • A wave modelling assessment will also be required.


  • Repair and regenerate Helensburgh Pier, remove the remaining wooden planks and replace them and the broken area of the Pier with Thru Flow Decking or similar material. Left side needing totally renewed, and other areas needing to be repaired.

  • To dredge the Pierhead area to allow the Waverley Paddle Steamer and other craft to berth at the pier in all tides instead of only at high tide.

  • Install pontoons in the East Bay section of the Pier, and possibly on the left side and front of the pier.